The only thing standing between a lifetime of pain and suffering caused by addictions, and sobriety, is the knowledge and understanding of God's Word and a personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ! It has been our mission at Addiction Crucifixion Fellowship for nearly 20 years to share The Gospel of Jesus Christ as it applies to addiction recovery with those who are trapped in the lies of the secular 12-step addiction recovery world. If you have chosen to follow Jesus Christ and live according to His Gospel, you won't find any mention of 12-step recovery programs. The need for God's intervention has never been greater as addictions continue to spread unbridled in epidemic proportions throughout the world! Heroin and Opioid use and overdoses that used to be confined to back-alleys, have spread into every segment of society. Most of these addictions begin with a simple glass of beer or puff of marijuana that takes off like an uncontrolled wild fire. In reality, all addictions are fully controlled and used by satan to destroy as many lives as possible!  Again, it is our mission to share The Good News that God sent His Son Jesus to set the captives of addictions free!  (John 8:31-36)  And it is Jesus' final instruction to the Church and all Christians to share The Gospel with all the world. (Matthew 28:19-20) 

AA 12-step secular addiction recovery programs have been around now for over 70 years, and are the foundation of almost all addiction recovery programs used by countless millions of alcoholics and addicts around the world. There has never really been any alternative. Sadly they have even infiltrated many of our Churches! Some alcoholics and addicts have found success, and millions of others have failed miserably, spending decades in meetings relapsing continuously. It is common knowledge that the majority of failures happen in step 3 where members are convinced that they need to surrender their lives and wills over to a “god of their own understanding,” which suggests that there are many gods, rather than "The One True Living God of the Bible"! There is, and always has been only “ONE GOD” who can answer prayers and perform the miracles that are needed to set alcoholics and addicts free from the bondage of their addictions! In Deuteronomy 11:16 (KJV) we read, "Take heed to yourselves, that your heart be not deceived, and ye turn aside, and serve other gods, and worship them;"  To suggest or think otherwise is pure heresy and blasphemy! 

Addiction Crucifixion Fellowships primary mission for nearly 20 years has been to spread this Truth through-out the addiction recovery community, showing millions of alcoholics and addicts what they must do to “make their last relapse, their last relapse”! They must begin by choosing the right God in Step 3 and become born again and "Saved and Sober"! Please help us share this vital, life or death message with the millions of lost souls who have turned to drugs and alcohol to escape reality and The Truth, and are now worshipping false idols and teachers who satan uses to keep them trapped in this cult known as The AA 12-steps. Their heresy goes far beyond step 3, but exists throughout most of their program. None of their program refers to the existence of Jesus Christ or allows any reference to His Gospel Truth or any scripture from God's Word. Yet to draw in Christians, they claim to have a Christian background. The epitome of behavior that defines the definition of a cult!     

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