Dear Pastor, counselor, or Chaplain, 

There are many military veterans in your neighborhoods who are suffering from wounds that can only be healed through a loving personal relationship with Jesus Christ! Here is an opportunity for you to share God's Word and Truth with them as it directly applies to their personal experiences ! 

Whether on a battle-ground in the direct line of fire by an enemy willing and committed to killing them, or non-combat duty, our veterans were all trained to be prepared to kill them first and die themselves to protect their families and homeland!  

​COMING SOON ........


Is a special edition daily devotional for active duty military and veterans who struggle with physical, mental, and spiritual battle scars. PTSD is a weapon used by our enemy, satan, to lead us back into battle with drugs and alcohol, and lead us away from our God and our Savior Jesus Christ who can heal all of our wounds and set us free from our addictions.